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: sprightly in manner or appearance

: an experienced reliable worker

There’s an old quote that I’m sure everyone has heard before: “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” It’s wrong.

The trick is actually to love what you do, whatever that is; to do the work, and do it with a humble heart, a full mind, and a determination that makes use of both.

That’s why I created this site. That’s why I created this company. I, like many people before me, have plenty of passions. I also have plenty of skills. But beyond that, I have determination and tenacity to continue to learn, to do the best at whatever I set my mind and hands to, and to strike the beautiful balance between creativity and practicality.

I like to make things. I love to make things, actually. Making things from scratch, or to make new things from old things, or to improve upon made things, seems to be encoded in my DNA.

I also like to learn things. I can’t seem to stop learning things. Everything is interesting to me, and every skill is worth pursuing.

The Jaunty Journeyman is the marriage of these two passions, a marriage held together by the glue of “the work.” The pursuit of knowledge and skill, and the pursuit of creation, have driven me to adopt an ethos of improvement, reliability, and joy. “The work” results in something new every time, and for me, the process is the purpose. I love the art of building, and a happy accident is quality things having been built.

Perhaps you to enjoy the process of building something. Or perhaps you enjoy the product of that process. Whichever brings you here, I hope that you can find what you’re looking for.

-Phil Brandvold
The Jaunty Journeyman